Junk Hauling in Cherokee County, GA

Junk is a byproduct of any deep clean. Whether it’s bags of garbage or old furniture, it has to go somewhere! Don’t worry about hauling around junk or setting things out for curbside pickup—Marie’s Cleaning Service will take care of your junk removal and hauling needs. For us, it’s just another part of the essential cleaning process!

You can trust us to get rid of your rubbish the right way. We’re familiar with all drop-off areas in Cherokee County, GA and make it a point to dispose of products consciously. You can feel good about trusting us with junk hauling, knowing your unwanted items are being handled accordingly.

Junk Hauling Graphic

What we Take

Regardless of what you’re getting rid of, have confidence that we’ll haul it away for you! Some of the many items we’re able to properly dispose of include:

  • Bags of trash from cleanouts
  • Old or damaged furniture
  • Scrap metal and lumber
  • Unwanted clothing
  • Unused equipment
  • Electronics and computer equipment
  • If you’re not sure if we take it, just ask. We’ll be glad to provide you with more information about our hauling capabilities. Please note, we do not remove or haul hazardous waste or caustic materials.

Residential and Commercial Junk Hauling

Our cleaning capabilities extend to both residential and commercial properties throughout Cherokee County, GA—and so do our junk removal services. Whether as part of a cleanout we’re handling or leftover from a recent undertaking, call us out to your property to ensure your junk is carefully hauled away.

Leave the Junk to us!

Don’t let unwanted items litter your curbside or worry about hauling them around Cherokee County, GA to dispose of them. Leave the hauling and disposal to Marie’s Cleaning Service. Contact us today at 770-479-6121 to inquire about our junk removal and hauling services, or to schedule a deep clean with our team.