Three Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service After Christmas

When party hosts trudge through the post-holiday mess, they realize all too late there’s no way to quickly clean up after Christmas on their own. The truth is that restoring the cleanliness of your home after the holidays requires more than one person for the job. Consider the following reasons to hire a cleaning service […]

Lasting Ways to Deep Clean a Basement

How’s your basement looking these days? If you’re like most homeowners, your basement is a place to toss unused items until you need them again—which may be never—as well as a haven for spiders and other small critters. Maybe you’re trying to reclaim your square footage, maybe you want to renovate and finish your basement […]

What Causes Your Fridge to Smell and How to Fix It

We’ve all had the experience of opening our refrigerators only to get a whiff of something foul. Is it a stray, rotting vegetable somewhere behind your condiments? Did you spill something? No one wants to play “What’s That Smell?,” but if you don’t regularly clean your fridge, you might find yourself an unwilling contestant. Here […]

Kitchen Advice: Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

The kitchen is perhaps the most used room in any home. Even if you’re not cooking regularly, the kitchen often serves as the jumping-off point for your next adventure (or workday), and may also be the first place you go when you get home. That means your kitchen is largely exposed to any germs and […]

What’s the Right Time of Day to Remove Your Trash from the House?

No matter how much you do your best to limit your waste, a little bit of trash accumulation is unavoidable. Fortunately, there is weekly trash removal. When used correctly, your municipal garbage services are a fantastic way to get rid of excess waste that’s just harming your household. That said, you might be curious about […]