How to Keep a House Clean—Even with Kids

Sometimes, it can seem nearly impossible to keep the house clean with children running around. Your kids aren’t always careful when it comes to colorful drinks or putting away their toys. While it’s often pretty frustrating to deal with a messy child, there are plenty of ways to fix these habits. With the right attitude and consistency, your home can remain spotless, even if your kids are always on the move. Read on for plenty of tips when it comes to cleaning with kids.

Make a routine

One of the most important parts of keeping your home clean is consistency. Developing a good cleaning routine will ensure your child understands exactly when it’s time to clean. Consider creating a list of cleaning tasks, which may include making the bed, doing laundry, washing dishes and more. When cleaning with your child, make sure the tasks are fairly simple so they don’t get overwhelmed burned out.

Help them clean after playtime

After your child has finished playing with their toys, have them put everything back in its proper place. This will teach them good cleaning habits while preventing loose toys from cluttering your entire home.

It’s good to have a specific storage container where children can place their toys at the end of playtime. Toys are often a major source of clutter in homes with children. Keeping all the toys in one place will greatly reduce that clutter.

Use safe cleaning supplies

When teaching your kids to clean, it’s important that you only use non-toxic cleaning products. There are plenty of non-toxic products available, or you could make one on your own. Simply mix water, vinegar and lemon juice to create a safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution that anyone can use.

Provide plenty of supervision

While you want your child to one day clean on their own, it’s important to supervise younger children. Make sure they aren’t going into cabinets and grabbing cleaning products without your permission. A younger child should also avoid operating heavy cleaning equipment, like vacuums. With young children, it’s important to adjust your expectations. Don’t force them to do chores that they aren’t yet capable of handling.

Contact a professional when you have to

There are some messes that are nearly impossible to clean, even with the right attitude and cleaning supplies. If you’ve come across such a mess, it’s best to contact a professional cleaning company in your area. Professional cleaners will help get rid of the mess quickly and efficiently, leaving you time to take care of more pressing issues.

It’s always a good idea to have a professional cleaning service take care of your home, even if you generally manage to keep it tidy. Professionals have the right tools and supplies to get into those hard-to-reach places where dirt and debris hide. Getting rid of these allergens will promote better air quality in your home, which is especially important for those who have children.

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