Things to Do Before Your House Cleaner Arrives

If you’ve made the decision to bring a cleaning service into your home for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect at the first appointment. It’s beneficial for you to go over the various services the cleaners will provide before the first session, just so everyone’s on the same page. Typically, you can expect services to include sweeping, mopping, cleaning surfaces, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, dusting, taking out the trash and possibly making the beds or washing the sheets.

You can make matters easier on your house cleaner in Cherokee County, GA by performing certain tasks before they arrive. One of the common questions we receive is, “Should I clean before a housekeeper comes to my house?” Here are a few things you should do before their arrival:

  • Tidy up: Pick up the various items you have scattered around your home, and pay special attention to any clutter in areas you expect to be cleaned. If you have a hard time determining what is clutter and what is not, you can think about clutter as being anything that’s temporarily out of place. These might include dirty clothes lying on the floor, sofa pillows in other locations, shoes left in the living room, items sitting out on the bathroom counter—anything that’s sitting out where it’s not supposed to be. Cleaning services are for cleaning, not for picking up after you, so make sure those items are put away properly so the cleaning service can do their job.
  • Load and run the dishwasher: Dirty dishes sitting out in the kitchen would fall into the category of clutter. Rinse off all your dishes, load the dishwasher and run it yourself. The cleaners will focus on cleaning surfaces and floors in the kitchen, not on doing your dishes for you.
  • Communicate: We mentioned this briefly already, but we cannot understate the importance of communicating with your cleaners before they come for the first time so you can all be on the same page when it comes to what types of services will and will not be provided. This will help you better understand your responsibilities and what you can do to prepare for their arrival.
  • Walk through the home: The first time your cleaners come to visit, whether it’s for actual cleaning or just for a consultation, spend some time walking them through the home so they can become generally familiar with the layout, where they’ll be cleaning and any special needs you might have when it comes to cleaning your house. This will help them determine a routine and figure out how long they can expect cleaning your home to take.
  • Make sure they’re able to get into the home: If you will not have someone home while the cleaning service is there, make sure you’ve made the necessary arrangements to allow them into the home, whether it’s with a door code, a spare key or otherwise.

For more information about what to do before professional house cleaning in Cherokee County, GA, contact Marie’s Cleaning Service today.

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