Lasting Ways to Deep Clean a Basement

How’s your basement looking these days? If you’re like most homeowners, your basement is a place to toss unused items until you need them again—which may be never—as well as a haven for spiders and other small critters. Maybe you’re trying to reclaim your square footage, maybe you want to renovate and finish your basement or you’ve simply noticed pests, foul smells and other hazards. Whatever your reason for deep cleaning, there’s no better time than now. Here are our best tips for deep cleaning a basement in Cherokee County, GA.

Empty it out

The first thing you’ll need to do is empty your basement of everything you have stored down there, whether that’s boxes from your last move, old furniture or other possessions. You won’t be able to deep clean until everything is gone, except for appliances. This is a good time to sort through everything and make sure that it hasn’t succumbed to pests, mold or rot.

After you’ve emptied the space, take a broom and knock down any spiderwebs, then sweep up large pieces of debris.

Gather your cleaning supplies

Next, you’ll need to gather your cleaning supplies. Get a big push broom, a mop, buckets, rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, bleach and soap. Depending on the dirt level in your basement, you might also want to grab a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

How’s the lighting down there? If it’s dim, bring down bright lights so you can see where the problem areas are.

Get the dirt out

There are plenty of different ways to clean a basement in Cherokee County, GA. We suggest starting with the walls and giving them a thorough scrubbing. To do this, fill up a bucket with room temperature water and bleach—this will kill any microbes and mold lurking around your basement. Use a scrub brush or cleaning cloth to wipe down the walls with the bleach water (don’t forget to wear your rubber gloves). The bleach will not only kill mold and mildew, but it will also make the whole room smell a lot fresher. Just remember to open windows and keep it well ventilated while you clean.

After you’re finished with the walls, clean the windows. Then you can sweep up any additional debris or dust that fell while you were scrubbing the walls. If you have appliances in the basement, like freezers or laundry machines, wipe those down next.

Next, use the bleach water to mop the floors, starting from the farthest corners and working your way back toward the door or the stairs. Allow the floors to dry completely.

Finally, if you’re not doing any home improvement projects in the basement at this time, you can start moving items back into the space. Hopefully, you’ve already sorted, reorganized and tossed anything you’re not keeping—which will make it easy to move the good stuff back into your freshly cleaned space.

Perhaps the best way to clean a basement in Cherokee County, GA is to leave the job to the experts. For help deep cleaning your basement, let the crew at Marie’s Cleaning Service take over. Call today to get started.

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