What’s the Right Time of Day to Remove Your Trash from the House?

No matter how much you do your best to limit your waste, a little bit of trash accumulation is unavoidable. Fortunately, there is weekly trash removal. When used correctly, your municipal garbage services are a fantastic way to get rid of excess waste that’s just harming your household. That said, you might be curious about the proper protocol for removing your trash each week. If you have more questions about how and when to take your trash out in Cherokee County, GA, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some helpful tips!

Keep it neat

Yes, garbage is dirty. That’s obvious. That said, when you put out your garbage in a bin that’s not kept somewhat clean, then you’re presenting your family with several additional risks:

  • An open trash can invites disease, rodents and birds to pick through the trash and spread it around your curb.
  • Cleanup crews don’t want to deal with loose garbage, which reduces the odds they’ll even carry off your trash.
  • Respiratory illnesses can thrive in open waste and get carried off on the wind, where they harm others.

To ensure you’re minimizing the harm your trash does, make sure all your garbage is neatly enclosed in sealed and tied garbage bags before it’s placed on the curb. Make sure your trash bin also has a tightly sealed lid to prevent interference from larger critters.

When is your trash removal?

There’s an old wives’ tale that suggests the best time to take your trash out is when the sun is rising. That was due to the overabundance of vermin prone to attacking garbage when left out overnight. In fact, in a lot of areas, if you don’t put your trash out the night before, you might miss pickup because collection crews prefer to get an early start!

That said, some people who live in rural areas may discover that their garbage removal team doesn’t get started until later in the day. In those cases, the best time to remove your trash is early in the morning to minimize the amount of time your trash is left exposed to potential intruders. In these cases, if you want to be confident about the best time of day to empty your garbage can in Cherokee County, GA, just take a cue from your neighbors.

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