Kitchen Advice: Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

The kitchen is perhaps the most used room in any home. Even if you’re not cooking regularly, the kitchen often serves as the jumping-off point for your next adventure (or workday), and may also be the first place you go when you get home. That means your kitchen is largely exposed to any germs and bacteria you’ve accumulated in the house, as well as any you’re bringing in from the outdoors. And if you do a lot of cooking, then your kitchen also produces an array of germs and bacteria during the food prep and cooking processes.

If you’re not cleaning your kitchen regularly, you’re exposing your family to potential disease and infection. With that in mind, here are some kitchen cleaning tips in Cherokee County, GA.

Cleaning isn’t disinfecting

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting (or sanitizing). Simply put, cleaning involves removing visible dirt, hair and debris from the surface of your home. Disinfection and sanitizing take things to another level. When you’re using a disinfectant, you’re eliminating the invisible bacteria that settle on the surface of your counters and floors.

How often should I be cleaning and disinfecting?

Ideally, you should be cleaning your kitchen every time you make a meal (or a mess). Making sure your kitchen is free of visible contaminants is the best way to ensure your space remains free from insects and other unwanted intruders.

You should take the time to disinfect the entire kitchen (counters, walls and floors) about once every week to 10 days to ensure your space is clean.

Don’t forget your vent filter

Above almost every regulation stovetop is a vent that removes the smoke produced by cooking. Over time, all of the grease and debris kicked up by the stove eventually clogs that filter. If you soak it in hot water and dish soap for 15 minutes, you should have no trouble cleaning those stubborn grease stains.

Clean grease stains with cooking oil

Almost everyone loves to cook a little bacon. One unfortunate byproduct of frying bacon is the coat of sticky, gross grease that forms around your oven. If you’re having trouble removing it, put a small dab of cooking oil on a paper towel, and you’ll discover that grease is quickly wiped away. Then, to remove the cooking oil, just use a little dish soap and warm water.

Let the pros do the work

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