How to Organize the Office Supply Closet and Reduce Clutter

When running an office, having an organized supply closet is helpful for everything to run efficiently. It’s all too easy to stack reams of paper in front of the manila folders, or miss the binders stored in banker boxes. How are you supposed to find toner when it looks like a tornado blew through?

Making supply closet improvements in Cherokee County, GA is easier than it looks, especially if you partner with a local cleaning service. Here’s what to do to get your closet back in shape and ready for a busy season:

  • Group everything together by category: This is pretty self-explanatory—erasers should go near the pencils and pens, not the copier paper. Grouping the items together by category is a more intuitive way to access supplies, rather than hiding what people need and forcing them to dig for it.
  • Use clear bins or drawers to make items accessible: The same principle that applies to your closet—you’ll wear it more often if you can see it—applies here. Whenever you can use clear boxes or drawers, do it. Not only will it help people find what they’re looking for, but you’ll be able to tell when things start to get messy.
  • Label opaque bins and drawers: If you’re storing items in opaque bins like banker’s boxes, clearly label (preferably on all sides) what the boxes contain and the date they were stored. This is good for things like old case or client files—items you won’t need on a daily basis, but that will be important to find when you do.
  • Declutter while you’re reorganizing: When you do a deep clean and reorganization, you’re bound to find duplicate items and things that you can let go. Go ahead and sell the old printer or donate outdated and unnecessary supplies to your local public school. This will free up space and make it much easier to stay on top of the organization project.
  • Make a map and an inventory list: As you’re sorting and decluttering, make a running inventory list. Once you’ve cleaned out and organized your supply closet, you should make a map right away. This can be posted inside the closet and will make it easy for others to find what they need. Draft a master inventory list and post it alongside the map, asking people to mark it when they take a box of printer ink or use a binder.
  • Do a weekly cleaning and organization: Finally, keeping up with your organization requires a little dedicated time each week—but nowhere near as long as your initial project. Spend 10 minutes at the end of the week double-checking the inventory and making sure items are in the right place. It’ll keep everything running smoothly.

Marie’s Cleaning Service is happy to help you figure out how to reduce clutter in your office supply closets in Cherokee County, GA. Call us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning and junk hauling services. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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