How Should I Clean My Ceiling Fans?

We all have our list of cleaning chores, steps we go through to ensure our home is at least moderately free of dust, dirt and pet hair. And while most of us clean with an eye on what’s within our field of vision—bookshelves, tabletops, floors, etc.—there is one critical aspect of your home that requires close attention to detail that you might be inadvertently neglecting. Believe it or not, ceiling fan cleaning in Cherokee County, GA is essential for keeping a home as clean as possible.

You may have heard the expression that a rolling stone gathers no moss. If only that were the case for all moving objects! Unfortunately, when it comes to everyday household items like ceiling fans, it seems that all they do is gather dust, especially when you need to leave them running for hours on end. Dust collects in the nooks and crannies, and it builds up into long, gray caterpillars that settle onto the fan blades and fall off once they get heavy enough.

You can avoid that unpleasantness by taking a few moments each week to wipe down your ceiling fans using the following dusting tips in Cherokee County, GA.

Grab a pillowcase

Regardless of whom you ask, they will likely tell you that the easiest and most effective way to clean off your fan blades is with the help of a pillowcase. If you have a stepladder, you can get up to the same height as the blades, slip the pillowcase over the blades and then use the case to wipe down each blade.

This keeps your strips of dust from getting all over the place while you’re trying to clean. Even better, once you’re finished, you can shake out the pillowcase outside and then launder as usual.

Kitchen fans

You may notice a few extra challenges when you enter your kitchen for ceiling fan cleaning in Cherokee County, GA. Those people who enjoy cooking the occasional greasy dish will find that, over time, a thin layer of sticky film has developed on their fan blades.

In these instances, you should first clean the ceiling fan as best you can using the pillowcase method. Once the excess dirt is cleared, use a damp washcloth to wipe each blade to clear away accumulated grease.

Remove the fixtures

If your ceiling fan has a glass fixture that houses the bulbs, you should take this fixture off to clean it. Otherwise, you risk damaging the fixture and the electrical components within. You’ll also notice that you’ll get the ceiling fan much cleaner than you would by leaving the fixture in place.

Call in the pros

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