Leave Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist to Residential Cleaning Experts!

Cleaning will be involved this holiday season, whether you are hosting a big family dinner or party or simply wish to have a comfortable home to enjoy. But between the holiday madness and stress, you might not have the time (or willpower) to clean your house from end to end. Never fear—professional cleaners are here! All you have to do is discuss your cleaning needs with local cleaners, book an appointment, sit back and watch them do their magic. You can use this time to relax or create a plan for your holiday festivities, go shopping for gifts and groceries or even take a nap.

If you feel like screaming after looking over your holiday cleaning checklist, then professional residential cleaning in Cherokee County, GA is just the thing for you. Here’s how a cleaning service gets their clients’ homes ready for the holidays:

  • Walls: Believe it or not, interior walls get dirty, too. Dirt from little hands, residue from pets, cobwebs and general dust can really accumulate over time. Your cleaners will pay special attention to hot spots, like around light fixtures, hallway corners and baseboards in high-traffic areas.
  • Windows: It’s common for homeowners to overlook their windows when cleaning, but not house cleaners. These people are professionals. They home in on dirty window glass like flies to honey, wiping away smudge marks and caked-on dust in a matter of minutes. Window cleaning is important both before and after the holidays: before to impress your guests, and afterwards so you’re not overwhelmed by the mess.
  • Floors: In preparation for a holiday party or overnight guests, your cleaning crew will vacuum carpets and sweep hard flooring, then check for stains—especially stains that stick out in well-lit rooms. You also want clean floors to ensure they don’t stink. Months and years of buildup can manifest into detectable odors in the air. It’s best to have floors deep cleaned instead of spraying an air freshener for temporary relief from household odors.
  • Furniture: Real wood furniture benefits from furniture polish, and some pieces need oil to prevent cracking. Upholstery on furniture can be vacuumed or cleaned with a dampened cloth, while other pieces need only dusting. No matter the type of furniture you own, professional house cleaners know the best furniture cleaning methods to use.
  • Bathrooms: There will be a lot of food and drinks consumed at your holiday party. As such, your guests will likely visit the restroom facilities several times throughout the night. Professional cleaners can ensure a clean bathroom, from sparkling toilets, counters, mirrors and walls to scum-free shower walls and doors. Your bathroom will be so fresh-smelling that you won’t need to plug in an air freshener!
  • Kitchen appliances: There are two kinds of home cooks: the ones who clean up the kitchen immediately after cooking, and those who procrastinate or never do. Luckily for the latter, they can hire experienced house cleaners to make their kitchens presentable for the holidays.

If you need professional residential cleaning in Cherokee County, GA, look no further than Marie’s Cleaning Service. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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